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It was moved here May 1, 1998. It was last updated 8/24/99 !

I'm told that there are over 1248 Heimbachs out there somewhere.
In the next few years, I hope to make this the hub at which all (or many) of those folks connect.
For now, that will simply have to be via e-mail, for genealogical research.
Eventually, I should be able to set up a bulletin board service on this domain, for Heimbachs only!!

New As Of 8/24/1999 - a section featuring historical photos.
I'll gladly scan yours in when I can, or (more likely) you'll scan them, and then send them to

As construction continues here, I hope to establish additional interchanges (and hopefully domains) bearing genealogical information for all of the names in this list. However, for now, this section of the site will be forming up as follows:

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A Simple chart of the Heimbach-Renninger group of families, from which I come, largely from the Berks County, PA area. (Most live(d) within 100-150 miles of Philadelphia.)
LISS My Mother's side of the family -
RENNINGER There is an excellent book out on the Renninger line - this is my Father's Mother's maiden name.
Along with the above simple chart is the full text of all of the Heimbach progeny from the Renninger point of view... (26K, HTML file)
(my wife's mother)
I have NO information on this name yet.
(my wife's maiden name)
I've got quite a bit on this name (a whole typed manuscript, which I'll duplicate for a fee, but I'd like to get it online...)

Some Genealogy Links to keep you going! (Partially Updated 8.24.99)

However, if they already exist, then by all means, contact me (Paul E Heimbach) and I'll establish the proper link(s) here!!! Meine Deutsch sind nicht so gut, aber ob Sie schreiben werden, bitte schreib im welcher Spräche Sie werden. (Aber bitte verstehen Sie - weil ich hab' Deutsch wann ich Junge war, hab' ich es NICHT mit andere für veil Jahre gesprochen.)

Hoffentlich, könnten Wir eine Deutsher Heimbach Seite, UND eine Englischer Seite!